We offer fully managed Payroll services. We have a very sophisticated payroll software in our office that offers complete payroll administration. Our clients look for assurance that their employees are getting correct salary on time and also that they are complying with local employment legislation, Social Security Regulations and Income tax withholding law. Outsourcing payroll function to us will help you to focus on core functions. Our services include: -

  • Preparation of payroll
  • Preparation of Salary Slips
  • Preparation and filing of various returns under social security, Insurance, Tax and employment legislation
  • Deduction and timely deposit of various statutory and Tax deductions
  • Management reporting
  • Payment Instructions
  • Registrations, Permissions and approvals
  • Other payroll formalities concerning local fiscal authority and state employment agencies
  • Tax efficient salary structure
  • Administration of Commissions, Incentive, Bonus payment and reimbursement of Staff expenses
  • Administration of Pension Schemes and Private Health Insurance